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Case Study: Niftiee

About our wonderful client

Who are Niftiee?

With huge discounts at the UK’s biggest brands, Niftiee members can buy the exact same things they would usually buy, for less. From the big weekly shop to dining out, shopping for new clothes or having a day out with the family, Niftiee helps users to save money every-time they spend.

With the cost of living crisis, saving money has never been more important so we were thrilled for the opportunity to help.


Project overview

Niftiee approached us as they were looking to rebrand to something more modern to appeal to both consumers and businesses. Their current website and platform was difficult to use and provided a poor user experience. Our task was to revitalise their brand, design and build a new website and platform, establish a strong online presence and implement a marketing strategy that would boost their performance significantly.

We worked closely with Niftiee to complete a full digital transformation. Through the creation of a new logo, a revamped website and a comprehensive marketing strategy, we were able to increase their performance by 178%


1. Brand Identity

To start the rebranding process, we conducted in-depth research to gain a deep understanding of Niftiee’s values, target audience and industry trends. Based on our findings, we developed a new brand strategy that embodied their core values and differentiated them from competitors.

Central to this strategy was the creation of a new logo that captured the essence of their brand and resonated with their audience. The logo needed to be fun, friendly and approachable, whilst also looking professional and trustworthy. We addressed this by creating a bespoke typeface that had lots of personality and stood out from competitors.

To compliment the logo, we chose a bright, recognisable colour palette and created a series of fun, inclusive illustrations that represented the target audience to use throughout the website and on social media.

2. Website Redesign and Development

Ensuring that users could easily use the product and find all the offers and discounts available was essential to the design and development. We focused on optimising the user experience by creating a responsive, intuitive, and visually engaging website that clearly conveyed the value they offer.

By implementing best practices in design, navigation and content presentation, we quickly delivered a website that not only looked great, but also provided responsive functionality and encouraged user engagement.

3. Strategic Marketing Implementation

With the new brand identity and website in place, we turned our attention to implementing a strategic marketing plan. We conducted a thorough analysis of Niftiee’s target audience and competitors, identifying key opportunities for growth. Leveraging a multi-channel approach, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that included search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and content marketing. By targeting the right audience segments and optimising campaigns for maximum impact, we significantly increased Niftiee’s visibility and drove qualified traffic to their website.

4. Remarkable Results

Leveraging our expertise in PPC marketing, we executed a strategic approach by running search and display ads across various networks for Niftiee, including Google, Facebook and Instagram. 

The results were remarkable, as our campaign yielded an outstanding return on investment (ROI) of 861%. Moreover, the campaign contributed to the acquisition of 276 new members, expanding Niftiee’s customer base significantly. With an impressive influx of 2,742 new users, Niftiee experienced a surge in brand engagement and awareness. The campaign’s impact was further amplified by a staggering one million ad impressions, allowing Niftiee to reach a wide audience and solidify its presence in the digital landscape.

This collaboration exemplifies the power of a well-executed PPC campaign, generating remarkable results for Niftiee and reinforcing its position as an industry leader.

Return on Investment
New Members
New Users
Ad Impressions

What the client said

Four Shires were absolutely invaluable at helping us rebrand, build a new website & platform and improve our marketing strategy following this. We could not have done it without them and look forward to working together to continue our success!
Marketing Director, Niftiee
Jessica Warby
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